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Record your prototype & app
with device frame overlay.

Version 1.1.0 Requires Mac OSX 10.12 and above



Your app or
prototype here

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Original InVision Studio file by Joshua Oluwagbemiga.

Suitable for recording your prototypes

made in these softwares, and more!

Sketch Principle Invision Studio iOS Simulator Framer Protopie Flinto Adobe XD

This is a sample video recorded using Overframe.

The frame was positioned on top of InVision Studio's preview window.

No video editor or other tools required.


  • Is this another screen recording app?

    Yes, it is. The only difference is that it comes with the device frame overlay with some simple customizations.

  • But I already have a favorite screen recording app.

    That’s great. But does that app have thing overlay thing? No? This might be your new favorite one.

  • Where are the videos saved to?

    Vidoes are saved into your Downloads folder.

  • Can I get a refund?

    For a non-tangible product, refund is a bit tricky. If you can prove that it doesn’t work at all, do send me an email.

  • Do I have to pay again for any bug fixes?

    If you've purchased Overframe, you'll have access to minor updates & bug fixes through your original receipt or Gumroad Library.

  • Why did you build this?

    I always record my app in the iOS Simulator and prototypes that I made in Principle and Invision Studio. But I don’t know how to put those videos inside a phone mockup to share on Twitter, Dribbble and my portfolio. Do I need to use Adobe After Effects or a video editor? I don’t know, man. But I know how to build this thing. So, I did. Now you can have it too.

  • What device models are available?

    iPhones (X, XS, XR, 8 and SE), Pixels (2, 3 and 3 XL), iPads (Air and Mini), Browsers (Safari). Some device models comes in variety of colours. More models will be added over time.

  • Can Overframe convert the video to GIF?

    Not at the moment. I'd recommend ezgif.com for now.

  • Does it work with multiple displays setup?

    It will work properly if you are recording your screen on the primary display.

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